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flower essence therapy

Flower essence therapy is a gentle, yet very effective way of helping our soul to grow through challenges and difficulties.  They are a balm for our hearts and wounds that help us transform old patterns into capacities to blossom into the best version of ourselves.

I was blessed to learn about flower essences when I was in my early thirties, needing much help in my new role of mothering.  Since I laid eyes on my newborn babies, I was determined to become the best mother I could be and I knew that involved much soul searching and courage to change old negative core believes.  At the same time, I wanted to help my children who also were faced with their own challenges and difficulties. 

I have witnessed a profound transformation in both, my children and myself throughout the years.  This journey has lead us to a much more intimate relationship with life, nature, its healing power and all of its miracles.  

I am looking forward to helping others beyond my circle of family and close community of friends in my knowledge of flower essences to provide a loving communication between the flowers and their healing energy and human hearts wanting to courageously move towards love, joy and wholeness.

Contact Elisa at elisa@healingflowers.com to schedule your first 90 minute flower essence session.