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Starts & Dahlia Tubers and more can be found at the Flower Farmstand!

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We offer beautifully arranged bouquets of my best fresh flowers which can be purchased a day or more in advanced and picked up from the farm’s porch.  The flowers are freshly cut in the morning or evening depending on when your order is placed and can be tailored to your needs as far as size and color preference. We grow a wide variety of flowers and our arrangements are unique, delicate, romantic and lush.

We can’t wait for our inauguration day at the flower farm.


We will open our brand new, adorable and charming Flower Farmstand.  The Flower Farmstand is located in front of our log house.  Look for the Flower Farmstand sign and the blue door under the dogwood tree.  Starting in Mid-May, we will be stocking the Flower Farmstand every day
with lush, wildly elegant bouquets fresh from our field.  Throughout the season, the kinds of flowers will change and there will be beauties that will steal your heart with their fragrance, their
incredible beauty and tenderness.  Throughout the season, there will be a variety of plants that we have started from seed for you to grow in your garden. We really believe and have experienced first hand the many benefits and blessings that come from gardening and we want to share this blessing with you. The varieties will change throughout the year and they will be hardened off and ready for you to plant in your well amended soil. There will be a variety of vegetables, herbs, and cut flower plants… the same tried and good varieties we grow here at the farm.

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Pre-order Flowers for Pickup at the Flower Farmstand