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Girl’s Night Out
at the Flower Farm

Ready to have a fantastic girl’s night out with your besties at the farm?

The perfect opportunity to get a farm tour and surround yourself with beauty!


Be inspired by nature, enjoy each other’s company, play with flowers, have meaningful conversations, have a delicious organic meal together out in the garden and enjoy a little dancing at the end.

girls night out 1.jpeg

What to expect:

  • The most fun ever with your girlfriends!


  • Upon arrival, we greet you with a refreshing iced tea made from herbs grown in the garden, and we'll get to know each other. Then, we honor a moment of gratitude for the gifts we will receive from this land.

  • Elisa will guide you on the farm tour and explain the history of the farm, flower farming, introduce you to the blossoms and give you a quick floral design foundation. The tour will take approx. 45 minutes.


  • Afterwards, you will receive a pair of clippers and you and your girlfriends will be able to pick your favorite flowers for approx. 30-45 minutes.


  • Dinner will be ready for you in the shade, served by the rose garden.    We will be serving rice bowls with your favorite protein choice: chicken, beef or vegetarian.

  • Your meal includes a salad decorated with edible flowers from our flower fields, as well as a homemade herbal cocktail.

  • All of our ingredients are organic and vegetables come from Foothill Roots Farm, our own local Meadow Vista organic farm. 

  • Comments:  Food sensitivities? Allergies?
    Anything we need to know to make you feel at home?


  • After dinner, we'll burn those calories with some dancing out on the lawn. Bring your inner little girl out to play… she'll be very happy!


Price: $65 per lady

(all-inclusive farm tour, a beautiful bouquet of flowers picked and designed by you, dinner and a dance session)


Reservations Required

  • Friday,  August 19th   6 to 9:30

  • September 23rd | 6 to 9:30pm

  • Friday, October 14th | 6 to 9:30pm

breakfast with flowers 1.jpg
Flower Beauty
Image by Lauren Richmond
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