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This is a mix of our favorite varieties of calendula.  They all have long stems and are very hardy.  They self sow around the farm and give us not only wonderful flowers to add that wonderful wildflower feel to our bouquets, but their flowers go into salads and used for tea and various salves and remedies.  A multifaceted beuty you will love to grow in your own garden!

Plant Type:  Cold Hardy Annual
Plant:  Warmer Climates- late Summer or early Fall || Cooler Climates- early Spring
Germination:  7-10 days at 55-65 F
Height:  3-4 ft

Days to Maturity: 70-85 days
Light Preference:  Full Sun/Part Shade

Days to Maturity: 80-90 days



 Direct seed (recommended) - In warmer climate, direct sow in late Summer or early Fall as temperature begins to cool. Cover with 1" of soil .  

Plant Spacing: Thin to 6" is recommended...though we keep closer at our farm

Seeds per packet: Approx  25

Calendula seeds

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