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Our elderberry syrup is made with elderberries grown here at the farm.  We practice Biodynamic agriculture, which means we have partnered with our land and nourish it with reverance and in return, we bring healing for ourselves and Mother Earth.

Our recipe is also very unique as we add local raw honey which has never been heated or boiled.  This means that all of the amazing healing properties in the honey are preserved and available for your own healing.

We use organic ingredients only.

Ingredients:  Well water from the farm that has been filtered, blessed and structured, elderberries, local raw honey, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, rose hips and star anise.

8oz.  Keep refrigerated.

Farm Grown Elderberry Syrup

  • Our elderberry syrup is available to pick up at the farmstand.  It will be located in the fridge.  Please leave us a text message with your name, phone number and pick up time at (530)736-1770

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