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Join us at the farm for an afternoon of learning about Flower Essences.

Elisa has been studying and working with Flower Essences for 22 years.  She has been able to incorporate now her knowledge in Flower Essences and Biofield Tuning (a powerful sound healing modality) and has been merging both of them to create her "True Essence Tuning" practice.

We will begin our gathering with a  flower meditation and a group sound healing session to ground us into the space physically and spiritually as well as help our biofield with resilience.

Then, we will be giving you an introduction to the major flower essences that help us with anxiety, grief and transitions.

During our time together, we will learn also about how incredibly healing flower essences are, especially when paired with sound healing.


Sunday April 7th.  2-3:30pm

Flower Essence and Sound Healing Workshop

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