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Hola,  I'm Elisa.  I'm happy you are here and wanting to connect to Beauty.

I strongly believe that we are all flowers in this garden of life. 

We were born to share our Beauty.

Healing Flowers Farm was created with the intention to help you connect with your inner Beauty.

We do this by:

 Helping you surround yourself with Beauty through our Fresh, organically grown Cut Flowers.

Opening our doors and inviting you in to visit our Beauty-FULL Garden

Providing you with the opportunity to experience the Healing Power of Flower Essences enhanced by Sound Healing through our True Essence Healing.

Once we are able to see the Beauty inside ourselves, it's easy to see the Beauty in others.

This is how this Small Farm with a Big Heart is helping us all build the commUNITY we've all been dreaming of.



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What we do, What we love.


Blossoming Together Village

At Healing Flowers Farm, we are committed to sharing the beauty that we are blessed with. 

Especially with those who are suffering physically and emotionally and in need of support.

Blossoming Together Village is a private, volunteer based organization.  We get together once a week to prepare simple, yet gorgeous flower arrangements to be delivered to our neighbors in need.

Have you been dreaming of growing your own Healing Garden?

Need help with your Garden Design?

We would love to hear more about it and help you in manifesting your dream

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