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We are a small Flower Farm with a Big Heart,
cultivating cut flowers in Placer County, California

From my Healing Flowers Farm to You

!Healing Flowers Farm is a Labor of love and a big dose of courage


I am Elisa, the main flower farmer and florist here. I am passionate about following my heart and my intuition. My love for flowers, being in nature and sharing its healing with others are my North Star. I pour my heart into growing flowers and I love the days when I deliver flowers to your door or when a bride sees her bridal floral bouquet for the first time on the day of her wedding and her face lights up! Those are the moments I treasure and cherish. 

So when you are looking for wedding flowers, floral workshops near me or flowers for mom, we are your go-to flower farm.

We are committed to facilitating the connections that naturally want to manifest between this land and the people who need healing in their hearts and souls. Participants of our floral workshops and those who come to our U-Pick Flowers events always enjoy the experience. Visitors frequently tell us how healing this place feels.

I am a firm believer in the power of community, a “village.” A place where we share, connect and help each other. Through our multigenerational playgroups,  floral workshops, homeschooling handwork and gardening classes, farm tours, U-pick flower farm picnics, dance night, and many other events here at the farm, we want to welcome you into our beautiful flowery village.


We invite you to stop by our flower farmstand and allow the fragrance and beauty of our flowers lure you into our healing land.

Help us spread beauty and joy to this world. We will connect to each other, to nature and find healing as we blossom together!


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Weddings Florals

We specialize in Intimate weddings and Microweddings.  Our A La Carte Menu makes it easy for you to add beauty to your Spe

Fresh Cut Flowers

  • Order flowers for pickup or delivery

  • Sign up for our Bouquet Subscription and enjoy flowers weekly.

  • Visit the Flower Farmstand and take home a bouquet!

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Activities on the Farm

We offer a variety of activities on the farm to enjoy.

  • Breakfast at the Farm

  • U-Pick Flowers


What We Offer