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Elisa Rios Florist Healing Flower Farms

My  Healing Flowers Farm

I am living my dream, and I want to share all of this abundance with you, my family, friends and the wider community because we all deserve to surround ourselves with the beauty all around us, to connect with the healing power of Mother Nature and to live this life JOYFULLY.

We sell Sunflower bouquets at our flower farm.
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Healing Flowers Farm

About the Farm

Welcome to or Healing Flowers Farm.

We are excited to have you step into this Sanctuary, a Magical place where the healing power of Beauty embraces us all.

Living in today's busy and buzzing world, can at times, leave us feeling disconnected from our hearts, the Divine, our purpose and those arounds us.

Our prayer every day is that through our flowers and garden, you can find that peace and connection your heart is craving.

The beauty that you admire in our flowers is a reflection of the beauty of your soul and heart.

So, we invite you to come in, visit us and surround yourself with the beauty living within you and all around you.

About Me

My name is Elisa, and I am a flower farmer, florist, flower essence practitioner and a proud, happy mother of two wonderful boys.

I was blessed to have been born in Colombia, a beautiful country with the most heart-centered and hospitable people I’ve known and a wide variety of FLOWERS!

Orchids, roses, hibiscus, bougainvilleas and so many other beautiful flowers grow and blossom year-round there. I grew up playing around them and incorporating them as centerpieces for my tea parties with my friends and dolls while drinking in their fragrance and powerful healing gifts.

My dad loved to garden. I have vivid memories of watching him as if in a trance while he carefully removed, one by one, old dead leaves from his beloved azalea bushes in our backyard.

This was my first life lesson in “loving presence, patience and reverence.” I learned so much more from my father, but his love for the earth and his flowers is what has guided me and kept me centered even through difficult times.

Healing Flowers Farm Family
Butterfly at Healing Flowers Family
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