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Events at Healing Flowers Farm

Visit the Farm

​We're so excited to offer many activities on the farm for adults and children.

Flower Arrangments Class


We offer many workshops to nurture the creative in you. 


Qi Gong

The Art of Qi Gong, aka. "Daoist Yoga", is a practice of cultivating 
overall health, and well-being. 

Kids Activities

Join us for our multigenerational playgroup, a homeschool class or on the farm children's camps.

Chidlren at Healing Flowers Farm.

U-Pick Flowers

Join us on the farm to roam amongst the farm and pick a bouquet that is calling your name.

U-Pick Flowers at Healing Flowers Farm

Date Night or Girls Night

Date & Girls Night


Date Night

Most of you know I am originally from Colombia. One of the things I miss the most from my country, besides my beautiful
family and loved ones, is the multiple opportunities to dance and enjoy life. I am very excited to offer a “Colombian Date night” for
all of you.


We will create a very romantic atmosphere for you and your love to celebrate life together.

There will be:

  • A Farm tour

  • Time to stroll through the flower farm, pick your favorite flowers and make a beautiful bouquet together.

  • A professional photographer will be here, ready to snap 
    beautiful pictures of the two of you with the flowers on the

  • Organic, fresh and delicious Colombian Dinner out by the 
    rose garden.

  • And to end, like a typical Colombian party….there will be salsa dancing class and plenty of time to practice your newmoves!

Picnic Basket

Girls Night

We are very excited to set the stage for you to have a fantastic girl’s
night out with your besties at the farm.

This is the perfect opportunity to come get a farm tour and surround
yourself with beauty, be inspired by nature, enjoy each other’s company, play with flowers, have meaningful conversations, have a
meal together and even a little dancing at the end.

Drinks in the Garden

Qi Gong

Qi Gong

15% Off All Items

Qi Gong with Bill Wright

The Art of Qi Gong, aka. "Daoist Yoga", is a practice of cultivating overall health, and well-being. 

We cultivate together the being of spacious awareness for the relationships between Breath, Body (movement), and Spirit (Illumination) to thrive. 

The practice involves synchronizing breath and movement
within a space of non-judgemental, nurturing, and loving

In essence it's the mindful practice of deepening our
Love Affair with all of LIFE.