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Herbal Medicine Making Workshop

Making herbal tincture from fresh yarrow flowers and alcohol
Glass bottle of st. John’s wort essential oil with flowers, alternative medicine
Elisa in the garden

Offering these specific workshops is a dream come true for me.

  I have been in relationship with this land for many years now and I have been way more attuned and responsive to her in the last two years.

Healing Herbs are showing up unexpectedly throughout the garden and I started making medicine that has been extremely potent for me and my family.


I am excited to share the herbs and their medicine with you. 


The classes will be hands on, experiential and very informative.  We will discuss gardening tips and how to cultivate them, how to ID them in the wild.

Every class will have different herbs as the center plant allies for the month.  With the herbs, we will be making tinctures, herbal infused oils and salves.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be more self sufficient and to attune to the blessings growing all around you.

Friday evenings from 5:30 to 8pm

June 28th, July 26th and August 16th.

June Herbs:  Saint John's Wort and self heal

July Herbs:  Motherwort, Mugwort and Calendula.

August:  Lemon Verbena, Echinacea and Yarrow

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