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Visit the Farm

The flowers and I are so happy you are interested in coming to visit us! 

Hope our workshops and U- pick opportunities bring delight to your warm and colorful days this year.

Young woman painting roses in the garden.jpg

Paint and Clip

A wonderful opportunity to be at the flower farm, pick flowers get your creative juices flowing as you play with color and learn simple techniques to paint beautiful flowers.

June 21, July 12 & August 23

Glass bottle of st. John’s wort essential oil with flowers, alternative medicine.jpg

Herbal Medicine Making 

A lot of the herbs growing at Healing Flowers Farm have chosen me and have become my plant allies in my healing journey.  I'm happy to share them with you.  

June 28, July 26 & August 16

Flowers and Fairytales

Join us Friday mornings in the garden this summer. 

An opportunity to be together with your little one in community.  We will bake bread, pick flowers, there will be a wholesome snack provided and a puppet show.


Flower Essences and Sound Healing

Learn about flower essences and Sound Healing.  Experience a Group Biofield Tuning combined with flower Essence. 

A deeply relaxing and Healing Experience.

Connect with your True Essence.

June 7, July 19 & August 9

Tuning fork in sound therapy.jpg

U-Pick Breakfast

During the Growing Season, we will be offering a very unique experience.  A delicious Organic Colombian Breakfast and an opportunity to pick your favorite flowers from our flower garden.


Private Workshops

Rent the Farm and choose your favorite activity to celebrate with friends and loved ones.  We are happy to help you tailor your gathering in our garden.

Visit the Farm

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